Customers love Felicity's Garden!  We receive many e-mails and letters every month from stitchers across the country and around the world about how much they love stitching with Felicity's Garden, and we would like to share some with you.  We thank you so much for sharing with us.

Celebrating 25 Years of Felicity's Garden!


     One customer in particular has been extremely generous in sharing her love of needlepoint with us.  Eileen K from California has provided us with photos of some of her magnificent work.  Any needlepointer or needle artist will share our enthusiasm for her glorious work.  We have also included some of her written e-mails.  We hope you enjoy her correspondence as much as we have.

     She is a needlewoman of extraordinary talent.  We are so pleased that she has shared this remarkable collection with us.  When I received these photos, all I really wanted to do was stitch.  Her canvasses show her magnificent interest in our craft.  Her subject choices are delightfully varied, but her love of color is demonstrated throughout.  The real joy of life and love Eileen brings to our art form is overwhelming.  The expression shown in her work takes my breath away.  We hope the following display of Eileen's magnificent stitching will encourage all to applaud this remarkable lady and be inspired to stitch.

Click here to view an online exhibit of Eileen's work!

Needlework by Eileen K

A New One From Eileen!

     We are always so excited when Eileen sends a new photo.  Her work is meticulous, beautiful, and full of fun.  That, dear friends, is Eileen.  This canvas is from Needle Deeva and is called "Kirsten."  Eileen's stitches tell the story to perfection.  The horizontal and diagonal stitches are so well chosen.  The use of lots of metallics in this piece adds so much razzle and jazz.  We love it!




Needlework by Eileen K

"I used about 85% of your yarns for my canvas "Wolf In Trees" and want to tell you that I am a Big Fan of yours.  The yarns are rich in color and easy to use.  Never tangle, maintain their integrity through the stitching process and make life even more joyous for the stitcher.  Your website is the best for seeing the actual yarn.  Takes the guessing out of the selection process.  When piece is framed, I'll e-mail you a photograph.  I purchased the yarns through Karen Milano of Nimble Needle in New Jersey."

Eileen K


Needlework by Eileen K

"Hi, I loved using your yarn for this project.  It just flowed and stitching was just a charm.  Bicycles is a charming piece that has lots of Felicity's Garden and is enhanced by the colors and quality of your yarns."

Eileen K


Needlework by Eileen K

   Eileen has a beautiful outlook about the wonderful events life has to offer.  I see that to be so evident in her beautiful collection of needlepoint.




     Her joy in stitching is reflected in every stitch.  I love communicating with Eileen and look forward to each new canvas she completes.  She puts her whole heart into everything she does.  I absolutely love that!


Needlework by Eileen K


Needlework by Eileen K

      I have had four muses over my needlepoint career and Eileen is indeed one of them.  I go through her canvas gallery almost every day.  It always makes me smile.



     I asked Eileen what governs her choices of what to stitch.  There is such a theme of joy and happiness with a great sense of fun that runs consistently through her work.  Eileen loves color, patterns, humor, playfulness and beauty.  She stitches canvases from a great variety of designers and has her pieces exquisitely finished.  She proudly credits her finisher Marlene of Marlene's Custom Pillows in San Francisco, California, with the beauty of her finished products, and appreciates Karen Milano of Nimble Needle in New Jersey, and Pocketful of Stitches in Lubbock, Texas, for her needlework supplies.


Needlework by Eileen K


Needlework by Eileen K

     Yarn she tells me usually governs her choice of stitches.  Favorite "go to" stitches are mosaic, mosaic checker, Parisian, Pavilion Diamonds, Reversed Scotch, Scotch and the "T" stitch.


    Her "go to" book for reliable diagrams is "Stitches To Go" by S Howren and Beth Robertson.


Needlework by Eileen K


Needlework by Eileen K


     As a "frequent flyer," she is not prone to idle hands while awaiting her flights.  As so many of my needlepoint artist friends, she tries to stitch every day.  She loves each new canvas she begins and enjoys watching how it comes to life.


     When working on animals, eyes are always stitched first as she knows that will become the soul of the piece.


Needlework by Eileen K


Needlework by Eileen K

     Faces she feels the same way about.  Eileen makes "face to face" contact and gets to know the personality she is stitching through the eyes and facial expressions.  I loved it when Eileen told me this because I work in a similar way.


     I never know what a canvas will look like until the last stitch goes in.  I love the process. Each stitch informs the next.  My animals always give a tug at the heartstrings, but become known to me through their eyes.  We then begin a relationship which I can express as I stitch.

Needlework by Eileen K


Needlework by Eileen K

     Eileen's canvases quite simply are a joy.  To also know the fun she has creating them quite simply makes me smile.  We're looking forward to Eileen's next pieces.  No secrets revealed here, but we can't wait!


     The more I get to know Eileen the more I enjoy her.  Her points of view are always uplifting and are, the more I observe, amazingly reflected in her canvasses. 

Needlework by Eileen K


Needlework by Eileen K

     Eileen also sends me words of wisdom.  I love that!  I would like to share some of these with you.


     My earlier muses go way back in time.  Eileen is a "fresh helping" of vitality.  Eileen and her portfolio of gorgeous stitching make me put the brakes on for a minute.  I can't look at her work and words and not go back in time and realize this is really what it's all about, and what it always was all about.  FUN.

Needlework by Eileen K


Needlework by Eileen K

     Needlepoint and the gorgeous stitches and canvasses that we select are really all about beauty, being creative, being the best that we can be, and quite simply having an extraordinarily good time doing them.


     Eileen is like a refresher course in joy.  It's not that I love needlepoint any less than I did when I first started, but Eileen makes me remember the colossal joy of starting new projects and stitching them through.  Every time I review her work I run to find a needle.

Needlework by Eileen K


Needlework by Eileen K

     We all need an Eileen.  "God doesn't give you the people you want, He gives you the people you need."  The above and the  following are some things I received from Eileen on E-mail.


One Flaw In Women

Women have strengths that amaze me.

They cry when their children excel and cheer when their friends get awards.

They are happy when they hear about a birth or a wedding.

The heart of a woman is what makes the world keep turning.

They bring joy, hope & love.


Needlework by Eileen K


Needlework by Eileen K

They have compassion and ideas.

They give moral support to their family and friends.

Women have vital things to say and everything to give.

They bear hardships and they carry burdens, but they hold happiness, love and joy. 


They smile when they want to scream.

They sing when they want to cry.

They cry when they are happy and laugh when they are nervous.

They fight for what they believe in.

They stand up for injustice. 

Needlework by Eileen K


Needlework by Eileen K

They don't take "no" for an answer when they believe there is a better solution.

They go without so their family can have.

They go to the doctor with a frightened friend.

They love unconditionally. 



Needlework by Eileen K


Needlework by Eileen K

     I would like to thank Eileen from the bottom of my heart for her generosity and kindness in so willingly sharing her work.  I hope everyone viewing these beautiful pieces is motivated to stitch in joy.


     Another exquisite geometric design stitched by Eileen K.

Needlework by Eileen K

"I have not needlepointed in years.  We have a house in the Hamptons and our designer went crazy over your blues when I showed them to him.  Our house is being done predominantly in blues and whites with touches of reds.  Your reds are also perfect.  I purchased a canvas while visiting friends this past month, and only purchased Felicity's Garden Thread.  It made me want to come back.  The quality is superb and it is a pleasure with which to stitch.  Our sun room and main living area are poised to receive many new additions.  Needlepointing Again,


"I received the threads today.  If I could only eat your threads, I haven't loved colors like this in a long time.  Thank You!  So much, Karen" 

Nimble Needle, Haddonfield, NJ

"Cheers to you for putting out a yarn of obvious superior quality. I put a lot of time into my work, and my work ultimately is for my family. Your yarn creates the stitches that I know to be of heirloom quality. I have been using your yarn for many many years now. It wears with great superiority. In other words, in all the pieces stitched with Felicity’s Garden there is no wear. I am absolutely loving the group of colors you have developed that you call Duets. That puts 125 colors in my Felicity’s Garden armoire. I read about this on your website, and couldn’t get to my shop fast enough. Their display took my breath away. You’re right, they are the perfect shading for Felicity’s Garden."

Helen S. (via E-mail)

"The sheen, the beautiful quality of your silk and wool is amazing. Nothing comes close. I will be stitching all my needlepoint now in Felicity’s Garden. Your Mini skeins, as you call them, made me take it home by the handful. And Duets, oh my gosh I’m so totally hooked. It’s so wonderful to have something to stitch with that is a product of the US."

Susie A. (via E-mail)

"Duets, Duets, Duets, Duets, Duets! Can you hear us? We’re singing! We’re really really singing! We’ve also been doing a whole lotta playing in our stitching group. Flowers, animals, grasses, everything. It is absolutely spectacular what you can do with Duets combined with your plain colors. Thank you for being so smart. We’re having a great time." 

Sandy, Chandra, Mary, Catherine, Marybeth, Donna, Ingie and Celeste (via E-mail) 

"Thank you thank you thank you for your beautiful silk and wool. I love Felicity. I have stitched with it now for many years. I have been doing needlepoint for some 35 years. I used to use mainly Medici, but Felicity has been my love for a long time now. I have all the colors. It’s the best! Thank you again."

GS, Carmel, CA

"I recently discovered your yarn, and absolutely love it. I showed it to my store after finding it in a shop in California, and they are now carrying it, much to the delight of all of us. It is so beautiful and so unique, it is now my absolute yarn of choice, and I stitch everything I can in it."

Terry M (via E-mail)

"Felicity’s Garden is the new joy of my life. The colors in this palette are rich and radiant. We have added the entire collection, and I find that it compliments other fiber lines we carry in our store. We use it as a main pull, and then go from there. It works beautifully on almost any canvas."

Caroline P, (via E-mail)

"I am now on my second needlepoint project, and I am so pleased that I have discovered Felicity’s Garden. I don’t think I’ll stitch with anything else ever again. I have projects lined out now for years to come. Thank you for producing such a wonderful yarn. It’s wonderful stuff!"

Bob S (via E-mail)

Felicity’s Garden allows me to show, through the thread that I use, the pride that I feel in my needlework. I love the fact that it works perfectly on everything. It goes right in on 18 mesh with no splitting. Two strands go right in on 14, and so on. I like that it has such an interesting combination of shading because I am told of the way the dying has been done. Our shop and all of us absolutely love stitching with your thread.


"Without question, my favorite silk and wool is Felicity's Garden.  I love everything about it.  I love the weight, the feel and the absolutely gorgeous luster.  I sing its praises to everyone I know.  It has characteristics that no other thread has.  Its appearance is different and noteworthy.  It is not variegated, but has an interest that is so unique.  I am writing to you because I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your yarn. I have a huge "stash" along with my canvas stash, and have just pulled a new project out which made me want to write to you.  So happy you're still here and doing well." 

J.S., New York

"I love your yarn.  I love Felicity's Garden!  I have enjoyed it from the first minute I stitched with it, and I will now purchase every color.  We don't have a shop where I live, but there is one where I go on vacation, and will stock up whenever I am there.  Glad you put out such a wonderful yarn." 

Kay K. (via e-mail)


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