Rosebud's Studio is pleased to announce the launch of Felicity's Garden Designs Kits!  Our designs for these canvases are either hand-painted or line-drawn in permanent marker on Zweigart canvas.  Each kit will describe mesh, size and contents.  Our designer has been needlepointing, teaching and designing for over 30 years. 
     Our kits will include Felicity's Garden Silk & Wool needlepoint thread, and some kits will include specialty fibers, embellishments and attachments.  Kits will also include a detailed instructional  spiral-bound guide with clear graphic and photographic instruction for the stitches that were selected for these models.  Our kits are designed to be both fun to stitch and educational.  Sweet Briar was designed, and is hand-painted, to specifically teach Continental and Basketweave.  It teaches all possibilities for using these stitches on horizontals, outlines, verticals and diagonals, as well as solids.  Our Felicity's Garden Designs Kits are a great way to learn the art of needlepoint and advance to higher levels of stitching expertise!  If you are an "Old Hand," you should enjoy these.  If you are wanting to learn, these are a great way to start.  The instructional booklet takes aim at teaching those who have always wanted to learn, with proper methods and techniques.  More are coming, but we do recommend Sweet Briar as a great place to start if you are starting from scratch.  Florence Loves Flowers would be one step up, beginning to introduce simple counted stitches.  Felicity's Garden thread, because of its quality, is easy with which to stitch, and we hope you will enjoy stitching with it on these canvases that were specifically designed for it.



#1201 - Sweet Briar


#1202 - Florence Loves Flowers



#1203 - Daisy Dance


#1204 - Serendipity Tree


#1205 - Jump!



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