Felicity's Garden© Duets

Felicity's Garden© is a potpourri of magnificent and expertly-designed and considered color.  Our
newest addition to the Felicity's Garden
© line encourages the stitcher to consider new possibilities
and think with color on your mind. . .



While this new edition is not for sale as skeins here, we are encouraging you as a stitcher to expand your color
exploration with our existing palette.  We are showing stitched examples of these blended possibilities.
Duets are achieved simply by threading your needle with one strand of one color and one strand of another.
These new blended colors greatly increase the Felicity's Garden
© palette.

  "I received the threads today.  If I could only eat your threads, I haven't loved colors like this in a long time.  Thank You!  So much, Karen" 
Nimble Needle, Haddonfield, NJ  

These have been conceived and are presented by our color designer.  When stitched with, as you will notice from our samples, the blended colors are consistent throughout.  There are no "splotches" of color.  Color changes occur depending upon how the stitcher delivers his/her thread to the canvas.  In other words, when stitching, allowing the needle to twist one way or another between thumb and forefinger, will determine how color is delivered.  You may choose to surface one color or another, or consistently be different.  Different stitches will also move the colors in unique ways.

Because of the perfect spinning, one strand of this yarn when plied with another will "marry" beautifully.  Stitching is easy and the newly created color offers an entirely new look.  These combinations will add interest to either design or background.  With the two colors working in the needle at the same time, your ability to move color through your needlework is enhanced.

     The sixty-five colors of Felicity's Garden© offers obvious color movement, but by plying, the palette is enormously expanded.  Our selections are created for your visual ease.  It is likely we have paired colors that perhaps in casual observation you may not see.  We studied carefully to arrive at our own "Duets©" combinations.  Consider the magic of these paired colors in any of your stitchery, but also consider the magic that will be created in bargello and diaper patterns.

     Any of the Felicity yarn colors can be paired, but we invite you to work with our combinations.  Visually, the "Duets©" will be easy to "audition" for your stitching needs.  Look at them as the unique and beautifully blended colors they are.  The consistency achieved when stitching with Duets© gives each stitch a wonderful similarity that is different than variegated thread.  This stitching method puts you in control.  When viewing our palette of Duets©, it is difficult to believe it has been prepared from existing
colors.  It is being shown in this way to show the extended color perspective of this yarn palette.

  Every selection is deliberate, color balanced, and well conceived.


We receive letters from all over the world from stitchers, shops, teachers, and needleworkers who love our yarn. We would like to share some of their comments with you. . . .

Cheers to you for putting out a yarn of obvious superior quality. I put a lot of time into my work, and my work ultimately is for my family. Your yarn creates the stitches that I know to be of heirloom quality. I have been using your yarn for many many years now. It wears with great superiority. In other words, in all the pieces stitched with Felicity’s Garden there is no wear. I am absolutely loving the group of colors you have developed that you call Duets. That puts 125 colors in my Felicity’s Garden armoire. I read about this on your website, and couldn’t get to my shop fast enough. Their display took my breath away. You’re right, they are the perfect shading for Felicity’s Garden. -Helen S. (via E-mail)


The sheen, the beautiful quality of your silk and wool is amazing. Nothing comes close. I will be stitching all my needlepoint now in Felicity’s Garden. Your Mini skeins, as you call them, made me take it home by the handful. And Duets, oh my gosh I’m so totally hooked. It’s so wonderful to have something to stitch with that is a product of the US. Susie A. (via E-mail)


Duets, Duets, Duets, Duets, Duets! Can you hear us? We’re singing! We’re really really singing! We’ve also been doing a whole lotta playing in our stitching group. Flowers, animals, grasses, everything. It is absolutely spectacular what you can do with Duets combined with your plain colors. Thank you for being so smart. We’re having a great time.  Sandy, Chandra, Mary, Catherine, Marybeth, Donna, Ingie and Celeste (via E-mail) 


Without question, my favorite silk and wool is Felicity’s Garden. I love everything about it. I love the weight, the feel and the absolutely gorgeous luster. I sing its praises to everyone I know. It has characteristics that no other thread has. Its appearance is different and noteworthy. It is not variegated, but has an interest that is so unique. I am writing to you because I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your yarn. I have a huge “stash” along with my canvas stash, and have just pulled a new project out which made me want to write to you. So happy you’re still here and doing well. -JS, NY


I love your yarn. I love Felicity’s Garden! I have enjoyed it from the first minute I stitched with it, and I will now purchase every color. We don’t have a shop where I live, but there is one where I go on vacation, and will stock up whenever I am there. Glad you put out such a wonderful yarn. -Kay K (via E-mail)


Thank you thank you thank you for your beautiful silk and wool. I love Felicity. I have stitched with it now for many years. I have been doing needlepoint for some 35 years. I used to use mainly Medici, but Felicity has been my love for a long time now. I have all the colors. It’s the best! Thank you again. -GS, Carmel, CA


I recently discovered your yarn, and absolutely love it. I showed it to my store after finding it in a shop in California, and they are now carrying it, much to the delight of all of us. It is so beautiful and so unique, it is now my absolute yarn of choice, and I stitch everything I can in it. -Terry M (via E-mail)


Felicity’s Garden is the new joy of my life. The colors in this palette are rich and radiant. We have added the entire collection, and I find that it compliments other fiber lines we carry in our store. We use it as a main pull, and then go from there. It works beautifully on almost any canvas. -Caroline P, (via E-mail)


I am now on my second needlepoint project, and I am so pleased that I have discovered Felicity’s Garden. I don’t think I’ll stitch with anything else ever again. I have projects lined out now for years to come. Thank you for producing such a wonderful yarn. It’s wonderful stuff! -Bob S (via E-mail)


Felicity’s Garden allows me to show, through the thread that I use, the pride that I feel in my needlework. I love the fact that it works perfectly on everything. It goes right in on 18 mesh with no splitting. Two strands go right in on 14, and so on. I like that it has such an interesting combination of shading because I am told of the way the dying has been done. Our shop and all of us absolutely love stitching with your thread. -MR, TX


Felicity's Garden Duets© Color Card

This color card has been prepared through digital imaging.  We have taken every effort to verify that these
colors are being presented as accurately as possible, however, settings on your monitor may vary.

To create your own Felicity's Garden Duets, use the
suggested pairings below, drawn from the Felicity's Garden Palette.



500 - Splash

Formula 1 Strand Each:
062 & 030

501 - Candy Cane

Formula 1 Strand Each:
001 & 031

502 - Miami

Formula 1 Strand Each:
062 & 052


503 - Antique Rose

Formula 1 Strand Each:
040 & 064


504 - Lilies

Formula 1 Strand Each:
035 & 038

505 - Peanut Butter Chocolate

Formula 1 Strand Each:
011 & 009

506 - Mountain

Formula 1 Strand Each:
018 & 010


507 - Wine with Dinner

Formula 1 Strand Each:
043 & 047

508 - Lipstick

Formula 1 Strand Each:
039 & 034

509 - Volcano

Formula 1 Strand Each:
065 & 039


510 - Night Pond

Formula 1 Strand Each:
023 & 028

511 - Gemstone

Formula 1 Strand Each:
059 & 016

512 -  Seashell

Formula 1 Strand Each:
041 & 013


513 - Johnny Jump-Up

Formula 1 Strand Each:
045 & 050

514 - Potting Soil

Formula 1 Strand Each:
009 & 010

515 - Pot O' Pansies

Formula 1 Strand Each:
034 & 010


516 - Pool

Formula 1 Strand Each:
027 & 021

517 - Summer Day

Formula 1 Strand Each:
017 & 021

518 - Checkerboard

Formula 1 Strand Each:
008 & 001


519 - Moss

Formula 1 Strand Each:
018 & 003

520 - Sail

Formula 1 Strand Each:
026 & 027

521 - Lemonade

Formula 1 Strand Each:
014 & 002


522 - Stream

Formula 1 Strand Each:
023 & 027

523 - Eggplant

Formula 1 Strand Each:
058 & 044

524 - Stormy Weather

Formula 1 Strand Each:
007 & 003


525 - Coral Reef

Formula 1 Strand Each:
052 & 013

526 - Licorice

Formula 1 Strand Each:
008 & 039

527 - Foliage

Formula 1 Strand Each:
018 & 016


528 - Evening Sky

Formula 1 Strand Each:
024 & 026

529 - Forest

Formula 1 Strand Each:
016 & 028

530 - Sticks

Formula 1 Strand Each:
058 & 010


531 - Caramel

Formula 1 Strand Each:
012 & 011

532 - Puppy

Formula 1 Strand Each:
058 & 008

533 - Key West

Formula 1 Strand Each:
027 & 061


534 - Fiesta

Formula 1 Strand Each:
037 & 063

535 - Conch Shell

Formula 1 Strand Each:
013 & 064

536 - Summer Flowers

Formula 1 Strand Each:
052 & 038


537 - Blueberry Wine

Formula 1 Strand Each:
023 & 047

538 - Citrus

Formula 1 Strand Each:
052 & 060

539 - Young Violet

Formula 1 Strand Each:
048 & 049


540 - Alpine

Formula 1 Strand Each:
016 & 020

541 - Spring Greens

Formula 1 Strand Each:
063 & 055

542 - Meadow

Formula 1 Strand Each:
063 & 059


543 - Gladiola

Formula 1 Strand Each:
050 & 062

544 - Limeade

Formula 1 Strand Each:
061 & 014

545 - Poppy

Formula 1 Strand Each:
052 & 056


546 - Bluebonnets

Formula 1 Strand Each:
029 & 023

547 - Begonia

Formula 1 Strand Each:
056 & 049

548 - Mallard

Formula 1 Strand Each:
028 & 010


549 - Dragonfly

Formula 1 Strand Each:
029 & 019

550 - Impatiens

Formula 1 Strand Each:
047 & 049

551 - Grasshopper

Formula 1 Strand Each:
059 & 055


552 - Young Bug

Formula 1 Strand Each:
051 & 061

553 - Hollyhock

Formula 1 Strand Each:
049 & 042

554 - Zucchini

Formula 1 Strand Each:
018 & 061


555 - Bali Surf

Formula 1 Strand Each:
059 & 021

556 - Baby's Breath

Formula 1 Strand Each:
051 & 064

557 - Spearmint

Formula 1 Strand Each:
051 & 059


558 - Ice Cream

Formula 1 Strand Each:
059 & 064

559 - Lilacs & Sunshine

Formula 1 Strand Each:
050 & 014

560 - Kiss

Formula 1 Strand Each:
039 & 056


561 - India Ink

Formula 1 Strand Each:
045 & 024

562 - Nassau

Formula 1 Strand Each:
025 & 029

563 - Blush

Formula 1 Strand Each:
041 & 064


564 - Spring Bud

Formula 1 Strand Each:
061 & 055

565 - Sand

Formula 1 Strand Each:
003 & 004

566 - Winter White

Formula 1 Strand Each:
002 & 004


567 - Au Lait

Formula 1 Strand Each:
010 & 005

568 - Mushroom

Formula 1 Strand Each:
010 & 004

569 - Saville Row

Formula 1 Strand Each:
008 & 006


570 - Tequila Sunrise

Formula 1 Strand Each:
036 & 056

For Your Information. . .
Neither our manufacturer nor Rosebud's Studio can be held responsible for color fastness if yarn is immersed
in water.  We recommend testing your yarn prior to stitching.  If wet-blocking is planned, our yarn is said to be
by our manufacturer "permanent color fast," but it is not impossible with the strict regulations imposed by the EPA
on dying chemicals, that a color that is not fast could slip through.  Our observations in testing this yarn and the
confidence of our manufacturer tell us there should be no problem with this yarn.  With stitching today including all
the fibers that it does, one would want to take precautions in advance of work being done, and washing would never be recommended.  Textile work should be handled and displayed with respect.  As always, fibers and
fine needlework should be kept out of direct sunlight.  Always plan enough yarn for projects as dye lots can change.
And after all that; for the safest bet, assume that all yarns have the ability through the knotted hank dying process
to have the ability to bleed, especially reds and blues.

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