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     Color Cards (click thumbnails below for larger images) and a listing of all colors are provided below for your reference.







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Rosebud's Studio Color Lines

Felicity's Garden Silk & Merino Wool
Grand Skeins (40 yds) $5.50 each

001 Snow 025 Blue Lagoon 049 Heather
002 Ivory 026 Bachelor Button 050 Lavender
003 Flagstone 027 Sky Blue 051 Sea Mist
004 Truffle 028 Blue Spruce 052 Papaya
005 Birdbath Gray 029 Aquamarine 053 Peach Sorbet
006 Baby Squirrel 030 Bahama Blue 054 Asparagus
007 Granite 031 Holly Berry 055 Grasshopper Pie
008 Cast Iron Black 032 Hummingbird Nectar 056 Indian Paintbrush
009 Brown Raccoon 033 Garnet 057 Blue Jay
010 Fawn 034 Dubbonet Cocktail 058 Hot Cocoa
011 Peanut Butter 035 Ripe Raspberry 059 Wintergreen
012 Cinnamon 036 Morning Raspberry 060 Mr. Bumble
013 Seashell Blush 037 Cosmo 061 Island Pirl's Green
014 Buttercup 038 Summer Rose 062 Blue Raspberry Ice
015 Sunshine 039 Autumn Red 063 Malachite Green
016 Evergreen 040 Tea Rose 064 Pink Lemonade
017 Clover Green 041 Coral Geranium 065 Bittersweet
018 Leaf Green 042 Pink Carnation  
019 Deep Blue Green 043 Plum  
020 Medium Blue Green 044 Grape  
021 By The Sea 045 Clematis  
022 Midnight Sky 046 Pansy Purple  
023 Blueberry 047 Mulberry  
024 Cornflower Blue 048 Spring Lilac  


Annabelle's Playhouse Worsted Wool
20 yd Skeins $3.00 each

AB01 Marshmallow AB14 Teddy Bear
AB02 Molly The Scottie AB15 Mommy's Lipstick
AB03 Lemon Custard AB16 Grape Juice
AB04 Strawberry Frosting AB17 Summer Splash
AB05 Delphinium AB18 Mud Pie
AB06 Conch Shell AB19 Sidewalk
AB07 In A Nutshell AB20 Nighty Night
AB08 Gingerbread Cookie AB21 Pot O' Violets
AB09 Crayon Red AB22 Dive Deep
AB10 Cherry Pie AB23 Hobby Horse Brown
AB11 In The Swim AB24 Lead Pencil
AB12 Topiary AB25 Chocolate Brownie
AB13 Ivy Arbor AB26 Marigold


Newport Harbor Alpaca & Lambswool
14 yd Skeins $2.50 each

N01 Set Sail N07 Narragansett Bay
N02 Harbor Seal N08 Gale Warning
N03 Anchors Aweigh N09 Waterlot Grey
N04 Nor'Easter N10 Dumpling Rock
N05 Clingstone Sand N11 Sundown
N06 Mussel Shell N12 Spinnaker


Full Palettes
Prices are for single palettes of full-size skeins of Felicity's Garden (40 yards) and Annabelle's Playhouse (20 yards).  When ordering, please specify how many palettes you would like to purchase.

Item Code Price
Felicity's Garden Full Palette (1 skein each 65 colors) FGP-001 $357.50
Newport Harbor Full Palette (1 skein each 12 colors) NP-001 $30.00
Annabelle's Playhouse Full Palette (1 skein each 26 colors) ABP-001 $78.00

Pivotal and Specialty Felicity's Garden Palettes
Prices are for single specialty palettes of full-size skeins of Felicity's Garden (40 yards).  When ordering, please specify how many palettes you would like to purchase.

Item Code Price
Felicity's Garden Black-White Pivotal Palette FGPP-001 $33.00
Felicity's Garden Yellow-Brown Pivotal Palette FGPP-002 $55.00
Felicity's Garden Greens Pivotal Palette FGPP-003 $49.50
Felicity's Garden Blues Pivotal Palette FGPP-004 $82.50
Felicity's Garden Purples Pivotal Palette FGPP-005 $71.50
Felicity's Garden Pinks Pivotal Palette FGPP-006 $66.00
Felicity's Garden - Virgin Island Velvet Specialty Palette FGSP-001 $38.50
Felicity's Garden - Summer Specialty Palette FGSP-002 $44.00
Felicity's Garden - Ice Cream Parlor Specialty Palette FGSP-003 $49.50
Felicity's Garden - Tea Dance Specialty Palette FGSP-004 $33.00
Felicity's Garden - The Deep Blue Sea Specialty Palette FGSP-005 $38.50
Felicity's Garden - Polynesian Sunset Specialty Palette FGSP-006 $55.00
Felicity's Garden - With A Hint Of Spice Specialty Palette FGSP-007 $33.00
Felicity's Garden - Saville Row Specialty Palette FGSP-008 $38.50
Felicity's Garden - Orchid Specialty Palette FGSP-009 $55.00
Felicity's Garden - Hawaii On My Mind Specialty Palette FGSP-010 $44.00
Felicity's Garden - Heatwave Specialty Palette FGSP-011 $38.50
Felicity's Garden - Northern Lights Specialty Palette FGSP-012 $38.50
Felicity's Garden - West Of The Moon Specialty Palette FGSP-013 $38.50
Felicity's Garden - Derby Day Specialty Palette FGSP-014 $44.00
Felicity's Garden - Fall Foliage Specialty Palette FGSP-015 $55.00
Felicity's Garden - Mediterranean Breeze Specialty Palette FGSP-016 $49.50
Felicity's Garden - Rome Specialty Palette FGSP-017 $55.00
Felicity's Garden - Oriental Blossoms Specialty Palette FGSP-018 $60.50
Felicity's Garden - Birthday Cake Specialty Palette FGSP-019 $44.00

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